Here is a sample of my projects from classes, student organizations, jobs and internships.

  • Mechanical Electrogoniometer

    An affordable and compact angle measurement device that was design to fit multiple joints.

  • CU Make

    A 28 hour Make-a-thon in collaborations with Makers UIUC, CU Fablab and Clark-Lindsey Retirement Village

  • 10HP Dyne Tests Stand

    A 10hp turn-key portable dyne test stand in support of R&D for Yaskawa America

  • Alerts and Warnings for Older Adults

    How might we design alerts and warnings that give older drivers a sense of confidence?

  • LuxMount

    A phone mount for bicycles that utilizes the LED flash from the phone as a bike light for short trips.

  • Custom Shelf Light

    An extruded aluminum LED light fixture with a frosted plastic diffuser.

  • HearClear: Noise Toggling Hearing Protection

    How might we design an affordable and trendy, noise toggling hearing protection device for machine workers?

  • Haiti Clean Stove Project

    How might we design a clean, affordable, intuitive and eco-friendly stove for the people of Haiti?

  • Remote Controlled LED Light Fixture

    A prototype remote controlled LED darklight