10HP Dyne Tests Stand


To design a 10hp portable dyne test stand with electronics shelf.


Yaskawa America


Summer 2014

Relevant Skills

Mechanical Design
Vibration Analysis

About Project

The testing and evaluation of variable frequency drive control algorithms require the use of a dynamometer to measure torque and RPM. In this project I was tasked with designing a portable test stand that could be moved around easily within a test lab. This solution also comprised of an electronics shelving cabinet that contained all the diagnostic and control equipment for the dyne. Thus, the entire package was turn-key and could be handed over to 3rd party labs for external testing as well.

Design and Engineering

In this project I worked extensively in Solidworks to design the test bed components. I also had to sure that the geometric dimensioning and tolerance were appropriate for the product’s purpose. This design also included some adjustability to accomodate different test scenarios and components. I also spec’d out the appropriate couplings for system. The design also included the option for casters and vibration dampening padding. For the electronics shelving, I designed custom shelving units for the secure mounting of all components.

For analysis, I made a simplified model of the system and used Solidworks Simulation to determine the natural frequency of the set up. This would define the operating parameters for the set up.