Design a consumer product with the purpose of studying design for manufacturability


ME350: Design for Manufacturability


Spring 2013

Relevant Skills

Mechanical Design
Design For Manufacturability
PTC Pro/Engineer 5.0
aPriori Costing Software

About Project

In this project for my Design for Manufacturability class, I was tasked to work with a team of mechanical engineers to come up with a product and study how to manufacture it.

After brainstorming for a product, we came to the decision to create a bike light that utilized the LED flash from a phone. The vertical angle of the light would be adjustable and directed in a 26 degree cone. This device would also free up a user’s hands from needing to manipulate the phone and thus promote safer riding.

Design and Engineering

After modeling the parts using Pro/Engineer, we conducted an analysis into the types of materials and manufacturing processes we could utilize through decision matrices. This considered properties of the materials such as fracture toughness, cost, corrosion resistance and et cetera. A similar analysis was done for the manufacturing methods using aPriori costing software. For plastic injection molded parts we used Autodesk Mold Flow to analyze the feasibility of the design and made changes to the model based on the results.