Remote Controlled LED Light Fixture


Design a prototype remote control recessed LED light with 2 degrees of freedom


Lightcraft Private Limited


Summer 2013

Relevant Skills

Mechanical Design
Rapid Prototyping

About Project

Recessed darklights are low glare lighting fixtures that are typically mounted on high ceilings in areas that need an adjustable directed light source. Some examples of this include ballrooms and retail showrooms. However due to the height of the ceilings, changing the angle and direction of the lights is a major inconvenience. I was tasked to design a prototype LED darklight that could be operated by remote control.

Design and Engineering

My prototype was based off an existing LED darklight lighting fixture from Endo Japan. After consider various mechanism for angle adjustment such as a four bar linkage and a push rod, I opted for a flexible nylon cord with gear teeth. I then designed a custom made gearbox that attached to the reflector. For rotation in the horizontal plane, I mounted a gear strip on the reflector. Because of the large diameter of the outer fixture, I opted for a traditional DC brushless motor instead of a servo motor as I needed the motor to undergo multiple revolutions. This was at the expense of the greater precision offered by servos. To quickly prototype the wireless control, I adapted an existing RC car radio control system so that it could be read by an Arduino.